Near Dark

Metal with a bite

Near Dark

Band members

Sylvester Vogelenzang de Jong - Guitar
Jeroen van der Windt - Guitar
Juliette van Caspel - Bassguitar and Vocals
Richard Willemse - Drums
Arnold Kloek - Vocals

Neardark started out as a very technical black metal band .when i did join the band the music was very technical. Sylvesters od timed riffs and richard with his vast and octopus like drumming he could move every limb of his body in a different timing. And Juliette with her awesome tab skills and Jeroen with his melodic guitarplaying. Was a roller coaster ride in finding melodies over this I had a blast using all my skills literally all my skills.We did played a view live gigs and entered a band competition very aware that not much people would get our music. Surprisingly we did not make ik another round. i remember the jury rapport was ridicules . The band form stole Juliette from us so we struggled for a while with different bass players but it all took to long so we decided to stop.

Some Impressions

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