Progressive metal

In Progress

Band members

Paul de Zeeuw - Guitar
Alex van Elswijk - Bassguitar
Dick van der Kaaij - Keyboard
Arnold Kloek - Vocals

Just right after I left Cirrha Niva I got a phonecall from Paul de Zeeuw, guitar player of InProgress. He told me I should really come over and listen to the new line up.
What can I say, they just blew my mind. I really liked teir style and it reminded me of my all time favorites Dream Theater.

With two music teachers on guitar and bass and an all round educated keyboard player, this band had a load of musical virtuosity going on.

I learned a lot with those guys, but again we run out of drummers and after working way to long with a drum computer, we just got tired of the situation and broke up.

Till now I think this a shame, because it feels like a waste op potential. However I gladly remember some fun times making very proggie metal.

Some Impressions

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